Chromed Out (ft. Astrid Bryan)

by infraBuse

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This is a new track, I whipped it up pretty quickly and put it on here for your downloading pleasure. Just like all my music, it's absolutely free. I'm not doing this to make money.
All I ask in return is to spread the word. Put it on facebook, tweet it, blog it, or if you're a DJ, play it out. Remember sharing is caring. :)



dus dit is mijne pimped-out, chromed-out truck
veel mensen zeggen: dit is de pussywagon
de Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill mobiel
tanning on the PCH, all the way to Malibu
it bounces back
heel raar da ge eigenlijk kunt doodgaan daarvan
ma bon da's gewoon crazy
heel graaf

der is keiveel traffic
ik zit weer full of anger
da was ne zot, ne volledige maf
we're gonna get the gigantic iced seafood tower
yeah, I give a 100 dollars reward...

shut the fuck up okay? shut the fuck up!
are you fucking crazy, huh?
shut the fuck up
shut the fuck up

you guys are crazy
it's way too loud
this is inappropriate
are you guys nuts?

shut the fuck up...


released December 10, 2010
Vocal samples: Astrid Bryan, Larry David.
Produced, written & arranged by infraBuse.